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Station f_cnt history

From this page an export file can be viewed or downloaded containing MeetjeStad station f_cnt data.
The f_cnt is the counter of the number of measurements transmitted bt the station since station boot.
The difference between the f_cnt and the number of measurements received (gaps in the sequence of f_cnts received)
indicates measurements that have been transmitted by the station, but not been received by the MeetjeStad server.
Also, this export can be used to investigate if the station has been asleep for a longer period then de expected 15' between measurements.
This history only contains v2 stations (ID 2000++) and goes back 6 months (~470k rows, ~14 MB).

The export file contains for each measurement row: You can use these data to create your own graphs or maps.
These exports are refreshed dayly.
You can view and download the data file as tsv(*).

(*) tsv = tab separated value